Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

JIN YOUNG PROTO Co., Ltd. is a conscientious auto parts manufacturer aiming to grow as a global auto parts maker. To minimize all negative environmental impacts and harmful/risk factors that are created during enterprise activities, we have implemented the Environment and Safety Management System. For all of our employees, suppliers and visitors entering the company to fulfill this system, we consistently promote the following activities.


Compliance with the law

We abide by other requirements agreed by the organization as well as the domestic and international Environmental Safety Regulations.


Continuous improvement to prevent the loss of life and property

By consistently improving the risk factors and the working environment for all activities and facilities, we do ensure the safety and health to prevent the loss of life and property.


Continuous improvement to prevent the environmental pollution

We do minimize the use of raw/subsidiary materials and energy and also consistently strive for the improvement to minimize the environmental pollutants and waste generation.

For all management activities, we continuously strive to improve the Environment and Safety Management System through periodic internal audits and management reviews based on the Environment and Safety Management System.
To attain this Environment and Safety Policy, we implement a system that makes us establish concrete and detailed objectives and review the results by practicing them.
This Environment and Safety Policy shall be conveyed to all employees for them to fulfill through a training or publication, and shall be made public via documents or communication media when claimed by all stakeholders including our customers.