Code of Ethics


Management innovation and Value creation

We will be a company that is trusted and respected by performing the ethical management requiring us to focus on the basics and to observe principles. By increasing the enterprise value through the continuous management innovation and value creation, we will grow and develop with all stakeholders.


Respect for the creativity and individuality of employees

We will be a company where our employees can achieve pride and feel rewarded through their career, and do respect the creativity and individuality of our employees.


Contribution to the development of community

We respect the national policies and laws, and fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility in order to contribute to the development of community.


The superb products and services

By keeping the customer value as the top priority of management, we provide the best products and services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.


The transparent management activities

Based on honesty and trust, we realize a legitimate profit through the fair and transparent management activities, and respect the rights and values of our shareholders.


The board of directors’ compliance commitment

With C.E.O. as the central figure, we put great emphasis on our interest in the fair trade compliance of all employees and our intent to act.


The publication and distribution of compliance manuals

We publish and distribute the compliance manuals carrying out as instructions that can prevent unfair trade practices which may occur in the process of business activities.


Penalties for employees violating regulations and laws related to the fair trade

In order to realize the ethical management, we establish and implement specific and reasonable regulations and sanctions.