ONE-STOP Service

ONE-STOP Service


CAE Analysis and Pattern designing

- We design casting methods, parting lines and cores
- We provide our customers with the solution based on CAE analysis (incl. flow analysis, solidification analysis, etc.)


Wooden pattern / MFS (Machine From Solid)

- We produce the wooden patterns with the low cost and short lead time
- We produce the parts by machining the solid aluminium block


Sand Casting

- We cast the products with the aluminium-alloy and cast iron by sand casting
- We produce very challenging items such as huge size of casting and dual structural casting



- We do precision machining without a single error
- We rapidly produce the parts with a minimum number of setup


CMM inspection

- We possess the highly precise inspection system, taking advantage of 3D scanner and Coordinate Measuring Machines.
- We guarantee the quality of our products through a variety of inspection methods such as X-ray, CT scan, etc.